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Footballers Shun “Correctness” And Build Ideas To Fill The Gap

Column of January 7,  2018,  Los Alamos Monitor

Engineer Smarter Regulation In The Digital Age

Column of December 3,  2017,  Los Alamos Monitor

Sherlock Wakened Forensic Science

Column of March 5,  2017,  Los Alamos Monitor

Time is Right to Consider Smart Tools for Pipelines

Column of January 22,  2017,  Los Alamos Monitor

Judging Uncertainty is a Risk

Column of June 5,  2016,  Los Alamos Monitor

Venture to Change Regulating

Column of May 1, 2016, Los Alamos Monitor

Bad Water in Flint Reveals Paths

Column of March 6, 2016, Los Alamos Monitor

Debates Stay Mum on Smart Tools

Column of February 7, 2016, Los Alamos Monitor

Public Forums Battle Diversity

Column of December 6, 2015, Los Alamos Monitor

Tales of Our Times: Why Hazy Days Are Hazy

Column of November 27, 2015, LA Daily Post

Tales of Our Times: The Leftover Parts Tell Truths

Column of October 30, 2015, LA Daily Post

Key to Markets is Key to Regulation

Column of October 9, 2015, Los Alamos Monitor

Onward to 21st Century Regulation

Column of December 7, 2014, Los Alamos Monitor

Science of Insurance Gauges Risk

Column of October 5, 2014, Los Alamos Monitor

Key On Better, Faster, Cheaper

Column of June 1, 2014 Los Alamos Monitor

Regulatory Arts and Sciences: Committee Gathers Ideas

Column of June 14, 2011, Los Alamos Monitor

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